A piece of my heart will forever remain in El Crucero and with those amazing kids! By Kendall Crepeau

July 18, 2017

For the past 10 years, I’ve know about Project El Crucero and been wanting to visit Nicaragua to experience all the amazing things that this organization has to offer. After years of saving, I was finally able to make the trip. This past week I’ve had the opportunity of a lifetime, traveling to El Crucero, Nicaragua and being able to see God’s power and grace through the love from the people in this town. Throughout the duration of the trip Project El Crucero was able to help at the Susie Syke Clinic by building cubbies for the feeding program, fixing minor construction projects in the clinic, and assisting the local church with the feeding program through the clinic. Although I had the opportunity to help the people of El Crucero, and that may seem like the goal of the trip, the people of El Crucero helped me far more than I could have imagined. It was so heartwarming to arrive at the clinic the morning of a feeding program and to already see kids were awaiting us, their smiles beaming across their faces while they waved vigorously at us through our van windows. They couldn’t wait until we got out, and when we did, they showered us with hugs and pleads for us to give them piggyback rides. My favorite part of seeing the kids every morning was that whenever you asked them how they were, they always replied with “Bien”. Regardless of if they were wearing the same clothes as the day before, or if it was raining, they always responded without hesitation. It was powerful to see God work in this way to show me that happiness doesn’t come from anything materialistic or from having more than what we need. Instead happiness comes from how you perceive your life, these kids have far less than what they need however, they are never angry or sad because they are content with everything they have and they trust in God to know that He will take care of them and watch over them. The feeding program through the clinic is a display of God’s love for this children because He touches each of them through the bible lessons, and you can see it through the kids that will dance and sing the songs regardless of how many other kids are participating. He showed us his love for those children by helping us feed 150 kids, when we had only planned for 80. He showed His love through the compassion that the kids have for one another and their friends as I watched some of them eat only half of their meals, and put the rest in tupperware to take home to the rest of their family. These kids come to the feeding program because they don’t have enough to eat, however the continuously think of others and work together to help each other. Project El Crucero is a truly powerful organization because it brings the people of El Crucero hope and encourages a relationship with God that can be hard to find. This trip showed me first hand the poverty that parts of our world face, however above all of that it showed me happiness comes from being grateful for all that you are given and not wanting more, and trusting in God always. I am forever grateful to Project El Crucero for giving me this amazing experience and allowing me to build relationships with the people of this amazing town. A piece of my heart will forever remain in El Crucero and with those amazing kids. I am amazed by the power of God that I was able to witness in the short time that I was there, and I pray and eagerly await the day that I can return to this amazing place.